Maximum grant of €50,000, part-financing up to 50% / 60 / 70% of eligible expenditure.

Through this measure, Malta Enterprise aims to support businesses carrying out feasibility studies to determine the technical and commercial challenges and carrying out preliminary activities that will enable businesses to make more knowledgeable decisions in the development of the intended research and development project.

Eligible Undertaking

Malta Enterprise will consider applications from established enterprises and new establishments. If the applicant’s business has been established for less than five (5) years or employs less than five (5) full time employees (as registered with Jobs plus at the time of submitting the application), the applicant will be required to sustain your application with a business plan.

Eligible actions

The objective of the Exploring Research Grant is to support business in planning better their R&D initiatives. Through this measure, Malta Enterprise aims to encourage businesses to think strategically, consider the market disruptions the research results could lead to and look beyond the organisation for strategic collaborations. The support will help the beneficiary:

  • review the current scientific or technical knowledge in the area of research;
  • conduct searches to identify research partners, existing Intellectual Property and knowledge that could support the R&D activity;
  • establish the resources required, risks and potential return on investment of the envisage R&D project.

The activities carried out by the business through the support received under this measure are expected to result in a project plan for an R&D project that could form the basis of an application for support through other measures provided by Malta Enterprise to carry out R&D projects.

Eligible costs

The Exploring Research Gant may support costs incurred for carrying out a feasibility study in relation to a proposed R&D project. The cost shall be:

  • Wages costs
  • Contractual research, technical knowledge, and patents
  • Other operating expenses

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