Erremme Business Advisors’ MD and Directors authorised as Insolvency Practitioners


Following the legislation of the Insolvency Practitioners Act, applicants who satisfy the eligibility criteria to act as Insolvency Practitioners, are now being authorised  by The Insolvency and Receivership Service within the Malta Business Registry.

Erremme Business Advisors’ Reuben M Buttigieg, David Bajada and Mark Bajada were granted provisional authorisation to act as Insolvency Practitioners with effect from the 13th November 2023.

Scam Alert !

We are aware that scammers may be using our brand name (Erremme) to offer non-existing jobs and lure victims towards scams and other forms of malicious activities. Please refrain from replying to messages from non-familiar sources especially with whatsapp numbers that are non-Maltese.
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