Erremme Business Advisors provides an Italian language refresher training course for its employees


With more than 20 years’ experience within the industry, Erremme Business Advisors wholly recognises that employee participation in training and educational seminars and programmes is an important aspect of career growth and development.

Furthermore, with an international client base which spans the globe, Erremme Business Advisors believes that good communication is the first and most crucial step in offering a personalised service. And who could be of greater assistance than professional staff who can speak your language fluently?

With a substantial number of clients hailing from the Italian peninsula, Erremme’s next logical step was to offer an Italian language refresher training course to their personnel and assist in bringing those language skills up to speed! A most welcomed initiative by employees who interact with Italian clients on a daily basis!

After a short summer break, Italian language training sessions will again resume on the 2nd October.

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