Erremme’s David Bajada attends INSOL Europe Annual Congress in Amsterdam


The INSOL Europe Annual Congress was held on October 12 – 15 2023, with an overall theme of ‘Navigating insolvency with trust and integrity’. It included key topics such as, making cross-border insolvency more efficient, tracing and recovery of debtor’s assets by insolvency practitioners, winding up proceedings for microenterprises and several more.

INSOL Europe seeks to create viable solutions for insolvency, bankruptcy, and business recovery by facilitating networking and providing help in the exchange of professional experience across borders. With over 1,250 members across 50 countries made up of lawyers, accountants, judges, regulators, academics and bankers, INSOL Europe makes a significant contribution to the work of European and international official bodies in this regard.

Erremme Business Advisors, represented by one of the company’s Directors, Mr David Bajada, attended the Congress to further enhance the knowledge required by the company to remain abreast of insolvency issues within the business community.

In describing his experience, Mr Bajada said, Over these three days in Amsterdam, there were discussions on the practices of how restructuring of business takes place in various countries within Europe and also beyond, the current wording of the EU directive and its effects on business and also proposals of how such wording can be amended to have better understanding and harmonisation across Europe. Inputs on the subjects discussed carried out by panels as well as from the audience.

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