Financial Controller Services

Since its launch in 2002, Erremme has assisted several businesses hailing from various sectors. Today, it offers a wealth of experience to clients through its Financial Controller Services. Through this service, Erremme shares its valuable insight with the particular company’s management team wholly assisting in the decision-making process. Erremme believes that without a financial controller to coordinate the finances of the company, the latter cannot expand and develop to its full potential.

Therefore, this service is ideal for those companies for which the engagement of an in-house financial controller is not a possibility. Erremme’s Financial Controller Service offers the practical solution of outsourcing its trained personnel to assist the accounting function of a company. A Financial controller is instrumental in developing financial and non-financial targets.

At Erremme, we can also provide temporary assistance to help your business during transitional periods or provide a permanent solution which is within budget and specifically tailored according to its needs.

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