Reuben M Buttigieg appointed Country Co-Ordinator for INSOL Europe


Reuben M Buttigieg has been appointed as Malta’s Country Co-Ordinator for INSOL Europe, the leading organisation of professionals specialising in insolvency and business reconstruction and recovery.

An experienced business, management and financial consultant, Mr Buttigieg has worked with two of the Big Four accountancy and audit firms, namely, Ernst & Young (in Malta and Milan) and KPMG, before setting up Erremme Business Advisors in 2002, a leading Accountancy and Consultancy firm which has grown exponentially over the past two decades. His expertise and familiarity within the financial services industry and business community makes him the ideal candidate for such an important role within INSOL Europe.

Reuben M Buttigieg said, “The introduction of three pieces of legislation related to insolvency in Malta will be a game changer as businesses will have the opportunity to take steps in order to recover from financial difficulties. The experience in countries adequately implementing the European Directive to strengthen legislative frameworks relating to insolvency has been a positive one. The Regulator in Malta has followed the implementation of the directive in various countries and the drafting of the law in Malta has been based amongst others on the experience of these countries. The legislation shall lead to a change in culture in debtors and creditors action and the presence of organisations like Insol is fundamental for our Insolvency Practitioners to improve their knowledge particularly when there are cross border insolvency issues. I am proud to represent Insol Europe in Malta and shall ensure to be a reference point for practitioners in Malta. I encourage all professionals that wish to engage in insolvency matters to become members of Insol Europe.”

INSOL Europe seeks to create viable solutions for insolvency, bankruptcy, and business recovery by facilitating networking and providing help in the exchange of professional experience across borders. With over 1,250 members across 50 countries made up of lawyers, accountants, judges, regulators, academics and bankers, INSOL Europe makes a significant contribution to the work of European and international official bodies in this regard.

INSOL Europe’s main goal is to lead the study, evaluation and development of restructuring and insolvency law, techniques and practice in Europe and disseminate technical and topical information on restructuring and insolvency. As Malta’s Country Co-Ordinator, Mr Buttigieg will be able to raise awareness of INSOL Europe and its capability to help the national legislator and the stakeholders, share know-how and best practices and facilitate discussion in this regard.

Mr Buttigieg expressed his appreciation for the faith placed in his capabilities to take on this new role. “This I believe the way forward for our business community as we forge deeper ties with local and national associations which should make it easier to maximise the benefits of INSOL Europe, as we seek a common EU approach to recognition and enforcement of insolvency and recovery cases.”

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