Forensic Accounting Services

Erremme provides a vast range of forensic accounting services, which are managed by its professional forensic team in order to assist its clients to investigate fraud and other financial misrepresentation. This team is made of the following professionals:

·       Forensic Accounting

·       Investigators

·       AML Analyst

·       Risk and Fraud Analyst

·       Fraud prevention specialist.


Also, the following are the areas of expertise that we cover in order to support clients in situations such as:

·       Investigation of Facts

·       Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing Terrorism

·       Prevent of Fraudulent cases

·       Investigation of financial reporting fraud

·       Risk Management in relation to Fraud

·       Anti-Corruption Compliance and investigations


Erremme is here to provide its clients an appropriate solution against offences related to finance.

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