University of Ferrara Seminar


Erremme Business Advisors discusses Malta’s tax strategies at University of Ferrara seminar.

Upon invitation by the University of Ferrara, Mr Reuben Buttigieg, Erremme Business Advisors’ Managing Director and Mr Edward Spiteri, tax advisor, also at Erremme Business Advisors, were the main speakers for the two-day seminar ‘Malta, Italy and Taxation – Balancing National Strategies and EU Constraints’, organised by the same university on the 5th and 8th April.

Against the backdrop of recent adverse events affecting the European continent, namely the COVID-19 pandemic and more recently, the political crisis of the Ukraine, states are still struggling to find economic resources needed to preserve the welfare and foster their domestic economies. The common understanding is that the Next Generation EU / Recovery Plan projects won’t suffice, and the long-term sustainability of the growth might be granted only via robust (and bold) fiscal policy decisions. Tax competitiveness appears to be once again (and once more) the remedy, yet EU law regulates the phenomenon and poses constraints and conditionalities.

The aim of the seminar ‘Malta, Italy and Taxation Balancing National Strategies and EU Constraints’ was to explore the adoption by the two countries of different legal strategies in this respect, namely the developments in Maltese Trust law, the Malta tax refund for Italian Shareholders, the Nomad tax System and the Malta Enterprise Incentives – all measures which Malta has enacted to stimulate growth. Moreover, during this informative and noteworthy seminar, legislation regarding CFC (controlled foreign companies) and the Double taxation treaty between Malta and Italy were discussed and explored in detail.

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